Standard vs Thick Lip Filler

Other than the price tag, we often get asked, ‘What is the difference is between our standard lip filler and thicker lip filler?’

Australian regulations prevent us, and all other clinics, from displaying the brand names of injectable products in any form of advertising. However, please be assured that we only use the highest quality brands available on the Australian market. For this article, we will refer to our standard lip filler as Product A and our thicker lip filler as Product B.

The most obvious difference between the two fillers is the thickness and the time our bodies each take to break down the product. Product A lasts approx 6-9 months but can be up to 12 months whereas Product B lasts approx 9-12 months but can be up to 18 months. Why does filler last longer in some people compared to others? This is such a big unknown, however we try and give an approximate guideline with regards to our fillers however each individual is different and there are many factors that can influence how quickly someone’s body dissolves the filler e.g. if you exercise a lot or have a high metabolic rate.

When comparing the two products, there are both similarities and differences.  For instance, Product B is a much thicker more viscous substance than Product A. Therefore, Product B can provide more dramatic results in areas where there are deeper lines and hollows in the skin. Product A is considered to be more appropriate for superficial locations, such as finer lines and wrinkles.

Both products consist of a smooth gel, however the two products differ in consistency and strength.  The agent in the gel is a naturally occurring sugar found throughout the body in human connective tissue. It is the substance that helps make our joints move smoothly and gives our skin its plumpness.  The primary differentiating factor between Product A and Product B is the cross linking that occurs during a chemical reaction to provide viscosity and stability, at 6% and 8% respectively. The viscosity of a fluid is a measure of its resistance to gradual deformation by shear stress or tensile stress. For liquids, it corresponds to the informal concept of "thickness"; for example, honey has a much higher viscosity than water. In the agents natural form, the substance is a liquid which the body metabolises in about half a day. Cross linking is a process that chemically binds the individual chains of the acid so that it is changed into a gel that lasts much longer once injected inside facial tissue. The higher cross linked (more tightly bound) a filler is, the longer it has the potential to last in the body.

Our extra thick lip filler (let’s call it Product C) we refer to is a dermal filler which we mainly use as a powerful contouring tool in other parts of the face like nasolabial folds or jowls. However, if you are looking for more volume and a poutier look, this may be a better option. It is more viscous than Product A and B, just as long lasting as Product B, yet is so fine it can be injected out of a very fine needle which is ideal for filler being injected in small places or extremely fine lines located on the skins superficial surface.  

At The Aesthetic Collective, we can completely customise our approach to facial rejuvenation, individualising treatments by matching the best product for the patient’s concern. Our new patient consultations are 60 minutes in duration so that you have ample treatment and one-on-one time with our Registered Nurses & Prescribing Doctors who always take the time to listen to your goals, and do an in-depth analysis of your facial structure and symmetry.

Getting any kind of cosmetic procedure done, even non-surgical, can be nerve wracking, however our team at The Aesthetic Collective are here to make you feel comfortable & safe & deliver your treatment at a pace suitable to you. The longevity of products used is an approximate guide only (as indicated from our suppliers supporting information). As everyone's bodys break down filler at different rates, we cannot be held liable for sub-optimal longevity results and no refunds will be given.


If you are thinking about cosmetic injectables and skin treatments but have some questions first or would like to discuss your potential treatment plan, we also offer complimentary, no-obligation 15 minute consultations in clinic or via Facetime/Skype with our Registered Nurses

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