Rejuvenate and restore volume to your face with The Aesthetic Collective's dermal fillers in Brisbane.​

Dermal fillers are a non-invasive treatment used to reduce wrinkles, while simultaneously restoring volume and plumpness to targeted areas of the face. Often used for facial rejuvenation, dermal fillers restore natural facial contours of areas prone to skin volume loss during the natural ageing process, including lips, cheek, chin and jawline. In addition to this, dermal fillers are becoming an increasingly popular treatment for enhancing one’s youth by augmenting high cheek bones and defined jawlines.​

Dermal fillers are perfect for anyone wanting to treat the following areas:

- Tear troughs
– Hollowing beneath the eyes
- Cheek enhancement
- Nasolabial folds
– Lines from the nose to the corner of the mouth
- Accordion lines
– Smile lines
- Marionette folds
– Lines from the corner of the mouth to the jowl
- Cutaneous upper lip lines
– Smokers lines
- Chin crease
- Jowls
- Temples​

Mid Cheek & Preauricular Fillers

Cheek fillers were designed to add volume to the cheeks. As the face ages, there is often facial volume loss. Gravity will cause the face to sag, making the face look much older. Strong cheekbones are a sign of classic beauty, which will help to add symmetry to the face. Cheek fillers can be injected into the cheek area to restore not only volume, but to create a youthfulness that was once there. Cheek fillers offer a non-invasive way to gain back youthfulness and lift the facial area.Injections of cheek fillers will gently lift and round the cheek area, which will help to balance the rest of the face. The surrounding skin will also be tightened, which will allow the face not to have a too angled look. Injecting cheek fillers into the face is one of the most effective procedures on the market for plumping up the cheek area and contouring the cheeks. Cheek dermal fillers will rejuvenate the face as they lift everything on the face up. The hollow of the eye is reduced, the mouth downturn is decreased, and the nasolabial folds are diminished while having a cheek filler injected.

Chin Fillers

A chin augmentation treatment can change the contours of your chin through the injection of dermal fillers. These fillers add volume under the skin making the chin appear more prominent or increase its definition. Chin enhancement using dermal fillers can subtly change the appearance of the chin area. It can make the chin appear more chiselled – a common request from male patients – or create softer contours, as requested by many women.

Tear Troughs

The tear troughs are the depressions running from the nose up to the under-eye area. Over time, this area of the face tends to sag into wrinkles, and dark circles or hollowing may appear. Dark under-eye bags are a common concern. Many people feel that this area of their face makes them look older or more tired than they really are. There are many causes of tear trough imperfections. Genetics, lack of sleep, lifestyle and ageing all contribute to sagging in this area. Sagging can be caused by the loss of facial fat in the under-eye and cheek area. It can also result from loosening ligaments. Some people are simply born with a shallow bone structure and lack of fat in this area. Because the skin here is quite thin, it has a tendency to show the effects of ageing sooner than the rest of the face. A tear trough treatment, a non-surgical approach, may alleviate these effects.A tear trough treatment involves the injection of dermal filler above the eye socket bone. This filler is then massaged into the fatty tissues underneath the eye, filling in this depression from inside the skin. The treatment can rejuvenate the appearance of this area by plumping up hollow under-eye areas, while concealing dark circles by filling in the loose skin.

Nasolabial Fold

The nasolabial fold is the deep crease running from either side of the nose down towards the corners of the mouth. Also known as a “smile line,” this crease is created by repeated movement of the mouth. While it is attractive to have a little fold here, a deep fold can make you look older than you truly are. This crease becomes more noticeable as part of the natural ageing process. Fat is lost from the cheeks, reducing skin volume and making this fold appear deeper. Repeated smiling or having a “big smile” may result in permanent, deep creases in this area. Even after you’re no longer smiling, the line remains. Deep nasolabial folds can be corrected through injections of dermal filler into the surrounding area, restoring the lost volume and softening the appearance of these creases. The goal of nasolabial fold injections is to even out the skin volume, leaving you with a smoother, refreshed-looking appearance.


Cheek jowls dropping down are commonly associated with ageing in the lower half of the face. Jowls form because as you naturally age, the cheeks drop below your jawline. To correct this, a surgical facelift can be performed to lift the cheeks back to their original position and straighten the jawline. However, if you don’t want to have surgery, a very effective non-surgical alternative is to use dermal fillers in the jowl area. When dermal fillers are injected in the areas surrounding your jowls, your jawline straightens and the jowls reduce.​


Jaw enhancement injections are a fast, non-surgical way to enhance the look of your jawline and jowls. If you feel that your jaw line is asymmetrical, lacks definition, or has begun to sag due to ageing or weight loss, you may want to consider this treatment. There are many reasons to undergo jaw enhancement. Enhancing the jaw line with dermal filler injections can give you a more youthful appearance by filling in loose skin. By smoothing the contours of the jaw, it increases the definition of this area. Jaw enhancement can also decrease the appearance of jowls, or hanging folds of fat and skin drooping beneath the jawline.Note: Optimal results are achieved when cheeks & chin are done in conjunction with the jawline.


Your temples, located to the sides of your eyes, can be one of the first areas of the face to show signs of ageing, but they are often ignored when patients seek facial rejuvenation. The skin of the temples tends to thin with age, giving a hollow or sunken appearance. Dermal filler injections can be used to restore this lost volume and fill in the wrinkles from inside your skin.

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