Before Treatment

Your pre-treatment and post-treatment actions can have a big effect on the level of bruising and swelling and lumps and bumps that may occur after having a cosmetic injectables treatment.

​It is always best to avoid planning any important work or social events for 2-7 days after treatments.  If you bruise easily, you may need to plan for up to 2 weeks to heal.  Most bruises can be covered fairly well with make-up, but not all.  If you are attending an important event like a wedding or a reunion, we would recommend having fillers done 3-4 weeks before the big day, as sometimes bruises can last up to 14 days.​

There are some medications listed below which you should possibly discontinue using 7 days before a treatment. Some of these may be needed for medical reasons so be sure to check with your doctor first prior to ceasing any medication.  The reason to stop these is that they make your blood less likely to clot (“thinner”) which can cause bruising.

– Aspirin
– Exedrin
– Ibuprofen (Nurofen, Advil)
– St. John’s Wart
– Omega 3 fatty acids
– Vitamin E
– Ginko Bilboa
– Ginseng

​​If you are on warfarin/Coumadin or Plavix, please continue taking these medications. If you need pain medication, Paracetamol or Panadol is always fine to use.​ If you have been on a course of antibiotics, a minimum of two weeks is recommended once you've finished your course and there is no infection.

We recommend not drinking alcohol 1-2 days prior to injections, no dental work or vaccinations 4 weeks either side of treatment.

​If you have ever had a cold sore around the mouth or near the injection site be sure to talk to your doctor before treatment.  He/she will probably prescribe you Valtrex or another anti-viral medication to prevent an outbreak.

After Treatment

• Treat area with an ice pack
• Try to avoid alcohol for 24 hours after treatment
• No exercise except for walking for 24-48 hours after the procedure
• Keep your heart rate under 100
• Do not do any inversions in yoga or do not do hot yoga
• No excessive sun or heat until any initial swelling and redness have resolved
• Avoid squeezing or massaging the treated areas for several hours after treatment as this could subtly change the results
• No aspirin or ibuprofen. If you have any pain, you may take Panadol or Paracetamol as necessary
• If you have swelling, apply cold compresses to the treatment area for 5-10 minutes every hour
• No flying for 3-7 days after treatment. The Aesthetic Collective does not recommend flying within 7 days following your treatment    

Please notify your Registered Nurse &  supervising doctor at time of treatment. Anyone choosing to fly within 7 days of their treatment the clinic cannot be held liable for any incidents that may happen and we recommend to seek medical advice if concerned.

Follow Up Appointment

Don’t forget to schedule your 2 or 4 week follow up appointment if you don't make it with our Registered Nurse at the time of your treatment. It is essential to schedule your follow up appointment 2 weeks (anti wrinkle injections) or 4 weeks (dermal & lip filler) post your original treatment. Your follow up appointment is mandatory to ensure satisfaction and continuation of patient care.​

With anti-wrinkle injections, the effects from your treatment may be first noticed in the first few days but it may take up to 7-14 days to see the maximised effect. Your follow up appointment allows our medical staff time to assess your response to the treatment as people respond differently to the injection and/or filler depending on their age, the degree and depth of wrinkling and the underlying strength of their muscles. Your 1st visit is especially important as it is better to be on the side of using less until we can see your response to the product as we can always give more, but we cannot remove it! This is why we ask you to attend your follow up appointment as it allows us to perform any additional treatments that may be necessary (additional treatment costs may apply).​

With dermal filler - while results are instant, swelling & bruising can be expected for up to 10 days. Lumps & bumps are also quite normal while the filler is settling and integrating into your tissue. We like to review them at the 4 week mark to ensure they are settling and to give them a good massage if needed.

​If you do not attend your follow up appointment for anti-wrinkle and/or dermal filler treatment we cannot be held liable if you are unhappy with your treatment.

Product Longevity

The longevity of products used is only an approximate guide as indicated from our suppliers supporting information. As everyone's bodies break down filler at a different rates we cannot be held liable for sub-optimal longevity results and no refunds will be given.

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